Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So yeah, today Nick, Alison, Sean, and I drove a long time and eventually we got to Austin and it was pretty cool. Amazingly, the wristbands we were supposed to get were upgraded to badges and, while we had derided badge-wearers on the escalator ride up to find out that we were getting badges, once getting them we donned a collective "this is better than Christmas" attitude as it means we are now able to get into all the cool shows we wanna get to by means of basically cutting in line. Which is awesome.

SO, after that we ate hot dogs. That was cool too, and then to the Todd P. curated showcase at Ms. Beas made up of Texas bands. Here, I reunited with Lone Star beer (which is, as I remembered, pretty awesome) and more importantly, got to see White Denim and it was a pretty perfect way to start SXSW. I am now completely locked into SXSW mode (which prepares me for 14 hour days of amazing bands and amazing drinking) and there are about 8 million bands I need to see tomorrow.

Ian Hrabe
KJHK Music Director

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